who we are

Incorporated in 1983 in the state of California as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, Pet Adoption Fund (PAF) is proud to be one of the largest No-Kill animal organizations in Southern California. We are staffed primarily by volunteers, and exist solely on donations. Since inception, PAF has helped shelter, rehabilitate, and find happy homes for the thousands of dogs and cats rescued off the streets, high kill shelters, and from owners who can no longer care for their companion animals.

At any given day, we care for approximately 250 homeless dogs and cats at our Canoga Park, CA shelter. All of the dogs and cats in our care are spayed or neutered, microchipped and vaccinated before being placed in adoptive homes.

our mission

PAF has a three-fold mission to:
- Rescue homeless dogs and cats from city & county shelters, as well as dogs and cats who are abandoned, and those whose guardians can no longer care for them.
- Place the homeless dogs and cats we rescue in loving, adoptive homes.
- Educate the public about the importance of spaying/neutering companion animals in order to reduce the overpopulation of stray and unwanted dogs and cats in our communities.

our commitment

Pet Adoption Fund takes pride in the safe, healthy and rehabilitative environment we provide for the homeless animals in our care. All of our dogs and cats receive a nutritious diet, walks, bathing & grooming, and quality time with shelter workers and volunteers. Many animals arrive at the PAF shelter in a state of trauma -- abused, neglected and sometimes injured. We at PAF ensure that these dogs and cats receive the medical care and rehabilitation they need to recover and have a fair chance at adoption.

However, the field of animal rescue has become considerably challenging in this troubled economy. Private philanthropic resources are shrinking, yet the numbers of abandoned dogs and cats across the country are increasing. Due to the rise in housing foreclosures and evictions, it is not uncommon for PAF to receive as many as twenty requests a day to accept abandoned animals. As challenging as it may be, we at PAF remain committed to assisting as many animals as we possibly can, within our ability. Our accomplishments over the years speak volumes, and we contribute our years of success to our highly devoted and loyal supporters and committed volunteers.

We at Pet Adoption Fund remain true to our belief that all animals deserve happiness, love and respect. We do not reject the old, the disabled, or the socially challenged. In accordance to our no-kill policy, Pet Adoption Fund will be committed to providing shelter and care to those deserving yet less fortunate ones, who may never get a second chance at a loving home, and may end up living the rest of their lives here at our facility. Thank goodness to our supporters and our volunteers, those less fortunate ones will never have to worry about being homeless or lonely again.

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List of the Board of Directors 2014:

President - Kay Duffy
Chairperson - Margaret Turner
Executive Secretary - Marie Davis
Treasurer - Vicki Margolin
Director - Teresa Cundall
Director - Jeane Marie Webster

Contact Board Members by mail:
7507 Deering Ave. Canoga Park, CA 91303 

Key Management Staff:

President - Kay Duffy
* Winner of KCET Local Heroes Award *
Kennel Manager - Pat Winter
Kennel Supervisor - Manuel Magna

* Fed ID# 95-3842460

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