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"I’m Bradley, the charming, handsome, adorable mature adult (M, 30lbs), a happy go lucky guy, who loves to go on walks, enjoy some belly rubs, and spend some quiet time by your side. And let’s not forget that I am obedient and well mannered too. I sound like the dream guy….right?  Well…the reality is…I’ve been waiting for someone to notice me and adopt me for a long, long time now, but I always seem to get overlooked. I was even the Pet of the Month for August 2012, but sadly I’m still here, at a no-kill shelter called Pet Adoption Fund, in Los Angeles, CA.

Day in and day out I sit back and observe the younger generation come and go, but all I can do is Hope…Wish…Pray that someday I too will hear those words “YOU ARE ADOPTED”, and get the chance to experience what it is really like to have a real home of my own.

I know I have some trust issues due to my past, and I do prefer the company of females, and I do need a home with no kids, and I do think that I'd like me to be your only pet (but that is negotiable), and I do like to take it slow getting to know you...BUT, believe me when I tell you… once I know you, I’M ALL YOURS.... loyal and fully committed!!!

All I need is that one-just one-CHANCE to prove it.  Please-Please-Please help me find my dream home!

Please do me a big favor and SHARE me with everyone you know. Did I mention my favorite song is *I Just Haven’t Met You Yet*? Because I truly believe that there is that special someone out there for me and ME for HER!

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To meet me, please call Mary at (818) 261-6974 or Jill at (818) 481-8388 or email

Thank you!  ♥ ~Bradley