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Pet Adoption Fund is also the home away from home for the 75 cats and kittens, all anxiously awaiting new families to welcome them home. In the meantime, they are happy and content with the care, love and attention they receive from us and our devoted volunteers at our facility. All of our furry friends are altered, tested for cat related diseases, up to date on shots, and microchipped before they go to their new homes sweet homes.

cat paw Mellow Fellows Are Simply Marvelous
Less than a year old, little Leo really likes being held and carried. He’ll try to get closer when cuddling, and purrs if he can snuggle under your chin. Another tabby, Marley, is known as the “roly-poly guy.” A bit plump, he enjoys rolling around on the ground. Calm, gentle and easygoing are good words to describe Ethan as well. This older, long-haired black cat is always willing and ready to crawl onto a lap or into a comfy basket to snooze.

cat paw Treats Prove Too Tempting to Resist
One of the windows in the main cats’ playroom has circular holes near the top. One of the rescue’s volunteers has discovered that tossing tiny treats through those will get most of the cats running around excited, trying to get as much as they can. Youngsters Knight and Amore are usually the first to jump on a bench to be “first in line.” Sweet Pea and Sophia tend to wait until a treat lands nearby before pouncing quickly. Scooter will appear from a corner or shelf in seconds to score tasty tidbits.

cat paw How About Considering Hitchcock?
This young and playful, one-of-kind cat has a reputation for escaping the room he roams in. But really, just give some attention or a moving toy and he'll stay put! Hitchcock doesn't mind being picked up, but may give a "love nip" soon. Everyone notices his unique gray-tabby spots which stand out on his white coat.

cat paw From Petite to Plus-Size, Meet Your Match
Similar to people, some cats are smaller or larger than others. The last of her litter still awaiting adoption, mini Marcela is a black-and-white cutie. Flash has stayed little at age three, yet confidently approaches to be petted. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Bebe is a great bigger gal with great Calico coloring. Mugatu, a marvelous larger male, is chubby, gentle and older.

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