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Pet Adoption Fund is also the home away from home for the 75 cats and kittens, all anxiously awaiting new families to welcome them home. In the meantime, they are happy and content with the care, love and attention they receive from us and our devoted volunteers at our facility. All of our furry friends are altered, tested for cat related diseases, up to date on shots, and microchipped before they go to their new homes sweet homes.

cat paw Creating Clever Communication
Like humans, some cats talk more than others. Dodger is an older guy, ready to share stories in his language. Pretty Keilana may be saying, “Take me home with you! Don't overlook me!” ShearCon’s meows could be loud questions, because sometimes he won’t stop until you answer. Scooter will jump on someone’s lap and start telling them about his day. Cute Tango plays coy by requesting attention then not coming close. Young Panther calls people over, and Paco often replies after hearing his name.

cat paw Available and Super Special
Plenty of things about sweet Cheerios make her unique. Female orange tabbies are considerably rare, occurring only about 25 percent of the time. Also, she has more than the normal number of toes—look close to see what appear to be little thumbs on her front paws. Such felines may be called polydactyl, a “mitten cat” or even a “Hemingway cat,” because many still reside at the former Florida home of famous author Ernest Hemingway. Cheerios is very shy but enjoys being petted—just not being picked up or held for long.

cat paw All Dark, But Each Different
How can you tell the long-haired black cats here apart? In the same room are Jazie (a bit cross-eyed) and Earl, who just got a “lion cut” (close shave except his head, lower legs and tail were left fluffy). Both are mellow, friendly males who get along with other cats and like being brushed. In another room are lovable Annie, with one eye a bit squinty; plus kittens Mandela (timid, handsome boy) and sister Winnie (affectionate and confident). Ethan is the only long-haired dark cat in the front room. All need homes!

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