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Spay & Neuter, It's The Law
spay and neuter
bullet Sam Simon Foundation (323) 549-5300
bullet SpayCalifornia (1-866) PetSpay
Best Friends Catnippers (818) 377-9700
bullet Stray Cats Alliance (310) 281-6973
bullet Pasadena Humane (626) 792-7151
bullet Fixnation (818) 524-2287
spay and neuter
bullet Amanda Foundation (1-888) 349-7388
bullet Actors & Others (818) 755-6045
bullet SPCA L.A. (323) 730-5303
arrow L.A. Animal Services (city) (S & N)
arrow L.A. Animal Control (county)
arrow The Humane Society (pet financial aid)
Report Animal Abuse
Animal abuse, neglect, or mistreatment is a crime punishable by law. Please help stop the suffering...take action today. Report!
Library For Pet Owners
Learn how to be a responsible pet owner, caring for your pet, pet behavior, grooming, nutrition, and more arrow click here
bullet L.A. Abuse Task Force (213) 486-0450
bullet SPCA L.A. (1-800) 540-7722
arrow L.A. Animal Services (animal cruelty)
arrow L.A. Animal Control (animal cruelty)
Find Pet Friendly Housing
Find pet friendly housing
arrow click here
California apartment locator
arrow click here
HSUS dog fighting
Dog fighting is a crime punishable by law.
Please be the voice for the victims and protect your community. Take action!

bullet HSUS (1-877) 847-4787
bullet HSUS (1-877) NO2-FITE
bullet Dial (911) (for fights in progress)
arrow Animal Law Coalition
emergency kit
Pet Emergency
Learn more about ASPCA pet emergency preparation.
arrow click here
dog on chain
No More Dogs On Chains
Living at the end of a chain is
a horrible existence for pack animals.
It's a cruel act and is illegal. LAMC
Section 53.70 arrow learn more
lost dog
Tips To Find Lost Pets
Tips for finding lost pets
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Please support our friends at the Home Of Our Own Foundation, a 501C(3) non-profit organization, deeply devoted to the care and welfare of large breed companions.
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home of our own foundation