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Meet Our Trainer
 *Diana Edwards Boucher* 

The K-9 Behavior Savior

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Diana ♥ The K-9 Behavior Savior

Diana is the founder of “The K-9 Behavior Savior”. Her lifelong passion for animals has led to a unique combination of education and over 25 years of hand on experience with shelter dogs. Seeing that there was a strong need to help unwanted, neglected and abused dogs, she got involved with Rescue Organizations in California and ultimately found her “home base” with Pet Adoption Fund in 2000.

In 2005 she started a board/train operation on her property in Canyon Country CA. (until 2010), offering obedience and handling severe cases/ rehabilitation. Focusing on Working and Bully Breeds with unwanted behavior quickly became her strength.  Diana then became strongly involved in bailing “cast outs” from city/county shelters, evaluating them and working with them and ultimately placing them in loving homes. 

As a Behaviorist/trainer, Diana has over the years developed extensive training programs, using personalized case specific procedures, implementing only positive structured rehab and training methods. Only gentle and force-free methods are used, no matter how severe the issue is. The key to success is also working with the Adopter to strengthen the relationship with their dog, developing trust and confidence building between Human and Dog.


Up to date and due to the current situation with Covid, Diana is available for Pet Adoption Adopters thru Zoom Training and remote Training (Offered nation-wide).  Training Application, separate from Adoption application/agreement must be completed before any set training.

Diana also does the follow-up calls on all adopted dogs and is available for questions and guidance at that time.

Experienced with remote training, she offers specialty advice for intergrading dogs into multi dog households. Also new dog with cat introduction. Helping with smooth transitions.  Setting the new dog up for success.

All training is based on the psychology on how dogs think. Setting structure, establishing rules and therefore preventing issues. The new Adopter learns how to effectively communicate, guide and positively interact with their newly adopted family member.

“There is no thing as a “bad dog” or hopeless case, for Me. Every dog deserves to be set up for success and taught what is expected from them. This will ensure balance and harmony in your family pack.”

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